Month of Inspiration! 01.04.16

I realized I am doing an epically poor job of keeping up with this blog, and decided that this month I would put 10 minutes of energy into it a day and start an inspiration log! The idea was sparked by these incredibly cute yogurt jars at safeway this morning. Glass jars, beautiful font and a little illustration, plus this flavour is done up in my favourite colour. The design was so gorgeous that I bought them, and how delicious they turned out to be! Although I truly believe that great design does make things taste, sound, smell and feel better than they would presented poorly — design is the host to a users experience of a place of object. Anyway, this yogurt just goes to prove that culture(s) can be found everywhere...even in the dairy aisle "ba-dum-tshh". But seriously how cute is this? Stay tuned, I wonder what we will discover tomorrow...