November Ennui



The grey month, a waiting room. The slow-motion fireworks conducted by the Oak and Elm, have all fallen to embers, brown, trampled and wet on the ground. This time of year seems to breed ennui, that melancholic listless feeling, where you are hoping for snow, just for a change of scenery. It seems to be this time of year, that I always find myself browsing travel sites and reading about exotic locations closer to the equator. Last night wrapped up in a woolen blanket, with my slippered feet propped up on the radiator I decided that instead of longing for yet another trip somewhere warm and exciting, I would re-visit some of the beautiful places I have already been. If I am grateful for one thing in my life it is that I have had a life very rich in experiences. As a result of my many impulsive decisions to book a ticket and go on an adventure, I now have quite the photo album of beautiful places to look back on and savor. Maybe one day photography will include a multi-sensual experience, where you can feel the humidity of Hawaii, or taste the dust roads as you walk in Ghana. Maybe an image can one day somehow re-create the elation of soaring down a mountain in Oregone on your bicycle. For now though you just have to imagine those things. Imagine the exhaustion and thrill of climbing a mountain in Thailand, or the awe of exploring a temple in Bali. Instead of wishing, today I am going to be thankful. I decided I would share this album with everyone else who may also have fallen victim to the ennui of November.