I am a Graphic Designer, get in touch if you want to work together!


108 Nassau, Winnipeg, Mb, R3L 2H1 


Hello there! My name is Roberta  and I am a graphic designer. In September of 2014 I left the agency I was working at, to go out on my own and do freelance, (side note, if you are looking for an agency, these guys are great honest).

I still find it quite hard to believe, but since going out on my own I have been nominated for a WCMA  in 2014 (for the album design of "Let it Lie" by the Bros. Landreth) In 2015, I  won a JUNO, a WCMA as well as a Covenant Award along with Mike (for the package design of "Pilgrimage" Steve Bell's 25th anniversary project). In 2016, I won a WCMA for my work on The Small Glories album and scored two more Covenant Award nominations for work on both Jaylene Johnson and Malcolm Guite's albums .

I have both a degree in English/ Psychology from The University of Winnipeg, and a 3-year diploma from Red River College for Graphic Design. I love meeting new people and working on inspiring, and challenging projects. If you are interested in working with me please get in touch!