I am a Graphic Designer, get in touch if you want to work together!


108 Nassau, Winnipeg, Mb, R3L 2H1 


Hello there! My name is Roberta  and I am a graphic designer. In September of 2014 I left the agency I was working at, to go out on my own and do freelance, (side note, if you are looking for an agency, these guys are great honest).

I still find it quite hard to believe, but since going out on my own I have been nominated for a WCMA  in 2014 (for the album design of "Let it Lie" by the Bros. Landreth) In 2015, I  won a JUNO, a WCMA as well as a Covenant Award along with Mike (for the package design of "Pilgrimage" Steve Bell's 25th anniversary project). In 2016, I won a WCMA for my work on The Small Glories album and scored two more Covenant Award nominations for work on both Jaylene Johnson and Malcolm Guite's albums. In 2018 I've been nominated again for the catagory of Excellence In Visual Design at the Western Canadian Music Awards.

I have both a degree in English/ Psychology from The University of Winnipeg, and a 3-year diploma from Red River College for Graphic Design. I love meeting new people and working on inspiring, and challenging projects. If you are interested in working with me please get in touch!